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News Concerning Our Program
New employee, grant opportunities, GIS day, talks given.

New employee, Mike Bolling is the GIS Analyst for the Nez Perce Tribe Land Services. Feel free to come into our office and meet Mike.

ArcGIS Version 10.2 is out but NP GIS has not switched it over to the liscense server. NP GIS is waiting to learn more about ArcGIS Version 10.2, so that we can service our fellow ArcGIS users.

ArcGIS v10.1 is now fully intergraded into the Tribes system. If you are currently running version 10 or earlier, it is recommended that you schedule with Land Services GIS department to have ArcGIS v10.1 installed.

New datasets have been added to the GIS Server, so please search the datasets, if you can't find data please contact Land Services. These datasets are only available to Nez Perce Tribal Programs and Departments who use Nez Perce Tribe GIS data.  If you find a need for data please let the GIS department know of your data needs at

The Nez Perce Tribe GIS program is willing to discuss or assist with departments, schools, or other community activities about GIS, the advancement of GIS and the knowledge of GIS. If you would like to request a speaker or would like the GIS office to provide a display please contact us.

The BIA Office of Trust Services Geospatial Support (OTSGS) has a training schedule for BIA and Tribal Program staff, on ESRI ArcGIS 10.1 classes.  It is recommended that NPT Land Services GIS department assist with registration, please contact us for more information. PDF of the training courses offered.


New Innovations
Latest GIS innovations, updates, patches.

The Nez Perce Tribe is currently implementing ArcGIS v10.2, please contact our office for any assistance setting up, install schedules.

GPS Pathfinder office Software current version is 5.10, you can find more information at

TerraSync Software current version is 5.10, you can find more information at


Quality Control
Improving your ArcMap skills.

ArcGIS for Home Use makes GIS available to everyone. This offer is ideal for existing ArcGIS users who want to use the same powerful software at home for noncommercial personal use and for individuals who want to expand their GIS skills. For more information click here.

A libary of PDF documents for using ArcGIS (tutorials), to help the various users of ESRI ArcMap - click here for the link.

Click here for a link to a PDF file that is a helpful Tips and Shortcuts for ArcGIS v 10.1, by ESRI.

A tutorial by VCGI inc. for beginners to ArcMap.  Click here for the PDF tutorial.


Open House
The door to Nez Perce Tribe GIS is always open, everyone is welcome.

Nez Perce Tribe employees and Nez Perce Tribal members are welcome to come into the new Land Services office, take a look at the new area and take a small tour of our offices.  The office is now located at the Phinney Building, 99 Agency Rd., Lapwai. The GIS program is under the Land Services division, anyone needing Land issues, survey issues or farming/ranching issues are always welcome.





Notes Area
The GIS program is willing to assist you in your GIS needs from training, spatial data review, printing maps, creating spatial data, running analysis on data and many more.  If you have questions or need assistance please contact our office.

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